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Self-guided Cycling / Original tour

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Italy / Bolzano – Verona – Venice

Dolomites to Adriatic

An extraordinary cycle route will let you discover unique landscapes, art cities and the largest European thermal district. From the superb Dolomites, part of the UNESCO world heritage list, you will start cycling along the river Adige valley, crossroads between people and cultures. Heading south you will reach the palm-lined shores of Garda Lake and then romantic Verona, the town of Romeo and Juliet. In Vicenza you will be fascinated by the architectural genius of Palladio, who made the town his personal showcase. Further on you will reach the Euganean Hills and their renowned thermal district, the largest in Europe. Beautiful Padua, cradle of arts, will open the way to the Venetian lagoon, where the timeless fascination of Venice has lured passersby for centuries (and still does).
  • Day by Day


    1. Bolzano

    Individual arrival. Located along the Isarco river, bilingual Bolzano has always been at the crossroads between the Mediterranean and central Europe. Today it is an important commercial and tourist city, whose charming centre is dotted with colourful houses in typical Tyrolean style.


    2. Bolzano – Trento (65/70 km)

    You will start riding along the River Adige cycle path, through orchards and the vineyards of the renowned Wine Route. Half way between Bolzano and Trento you will reach Salorno, which represents the linguistic border between the German and the Italian world. It is possible to shorten the stage by taking the train in several train stations along the way.


    3. Trento – Desenzano/Peschiera (50 km by bike + ferry)

    The river Adige will take you to Rovereto, famous for its museum of modern and contemporary art. After a short ascent to Passo di San Giovanni, you will enjoy a superb view over the Garda Lake and the little town of Torbole. Then in Riva del Garda you will take a ferry to reach the southern part of the lake.


    4. Desenzano/Peschiera – Verona (60/35 km)

    After crossing the hilly landscape surrounding the Garda Lake, you will meet again the river Adige, which will take you into Verona, one of the most important and beautiful cities in the Veneto region. Worth visiting are: the Roman Arena, the Church of San Zeno and Juliet’s House.


    5. Verona – Vicenza (75/40 km)

    Cycling in the countryside at the foot of Mounts Lessini, among the vineyards you will reach the castle of Soave. The flat path brings you close to the beautiful castles of Romeo and Juliet in Montecchio Maggiore, while the hilly one leads you through the Berici hills. Vicenza awaits you with its beautiful private palaces and public buildings by Andrea Palladio, the famous 16th century architect known all over the world. It is possible to shorten the stage by taking the train in San Bonifacio.


    6. Vicenza – Padua thermal district (50 km)

    Cycling out of Vicenza, along the cycle path of the river Bacchiglione, you can admire the Palladian masterpiece Villa La Rotonda. Then, past the hamlet of Montegalda, you will head towards the Euganean Hills, where you will have the chance to relax in the largest European thermal district.


    7. Padua thermal district  – Mestre/Venice mainland (55 km)

    Along the cycle path of the Battaglia Canal you will pass through Padua, home to one of the oldest Italian (and European) universities and rich in art and history. From here, along the Piovego Canal, you will reach Stra and will follow the Brenta Canal, overlooked by the countryside villas of the ancient Venetian nobility (Villa Pisani, Villa Malcontenta, Villa Widmann) until you reach Mestre, Venice mainland.


    8. Mestre/Venice mainland

    Departure after breakfast. Transfer back to Bolzano on request when booking the tour. 


    Due to organisational reasons, weather conditions or provisions issued by local authorities, the itinerary may be subject to some changes before and/or during your holiday. For example, along the way you may find temporary deviations caused by roadworks, which cannot be foreseen; in this case please follow the indications you will find on site.


    In case of strike, bad weather conditions, technical breakdowns, safety problems or any other reason preventing the regular departure of the ferry boat (from Riva del Garda to Peschiera/Desenzano), the ferry boat company can delay, cancel or deviate the navigation without notice.


    In case of cancellation the ferry boat service will be replaced by alternative means of transport (usually by bus). The same applies if the ferry boat service is no longer foreseen (for example at the end of the season).


  • Route profile
    • Total length: 295/360 km
    • Terrain: 90% tarmac, 10% unpaved
    • Train connections among the overnight stays: day 2, 3, 4 and 5
    • Possibility to shorten the itinerary by taking the train: day 2, 3, 5 and 7.

    As a whole it is an easy to manage itinerary, riding on secondary streets with low traffic or paved bike paths. There are light hilly bits with short uphill sections.


    Leisure cycling in mostly flat areas, with only few short climbs and descents. Little effort required, suitable for most people. The longest stages, from Bolzano to Trento and from Verona to Vicenza, can be shortened by taking the train.


  • How to get there

    Bolzano is connected with the following airports:

    IInnsbruck: 120 km, Verona: 150 km, Treviso: 200 km, Venice: 230 km, Bergamo: 240 km, Milan: 320 km



    For information on timetables and prices you can consult the following website: www.trenitalia.com



  • Accommodation and meals

    We personally choose all the hotels mindful of your comfort as well as the proximity to cycling paths and any relevant local sites. 


    According to your category of choice you will be accommodated in:

    • Cat. A: mainly 4* hotels, with some 3* hotels
    • Cat. B: mainly 3* hotels


    All rooms have en suite facilities. Most hotels have air conditioning while some smaller hotels and hotels located in mountain areas of northern Italy can be without air conditioning.


    When you book the tour please specify the type of room requested:

    • double room is a room with one double bed
    • twin room is a room with two single beds
    • triple room is usually a room with one double bed and a single bed or a sofa bed.



  • Bikes and accessories

    Girolibero bikes are available in different sizes and frames:

    • Touring bike 27-gear Shimano Deore
    • Hybrid bike 27-gear Shimano
    • E-bike 9-gear Shimano


    • aluminium frame
    • mudguard (not for Hybrid)
    • rear rack
    • comfort gel saddle www.selleroyal.com (different model for Hybrid)
    • anti-puncture Schwalbe tyres
    • ergonomic bicycle grips
    • Speed Lifter system



    All rented adult bikes are equipped with:

    • 1 cycle computer  
    • 1 Ortlieb one-sided saddlebag
    • 1 front bar bag per room
    • 1 repair kit per room: 1 spare inner tube, glue, patch, a pump, 2 allen keys and tyre levers
    • 1 combination bike lock

    At the moment of booking you can also rent helmets, suitable for head circumferences from 58 to 61. All helmets have a certification mark according to the DIN EN 1078 (CE) European norm.

    Important notes:

    We recommend that you bring your own reusable water bottle with you.


    In order to cycle smoothly following our App, we suggest that you bring with you a holder for your mobile phone to be fixed on the handlebar, as well as a power bank (even if the App can be used offline, too).




  • Accompanying material

    Before your arrival, you will receive an email from us with the digital information material. It contains:


    1. Link to download the App including maps, roadbook, points of interest and GPS tracks (you can use the App offline, too)


    2. Link to download the tour information material in Pdf:

    • Tour notes
    • Final tour details


    3. Digital travel documents:

    • Final hotel list (due to overbooking or organizational needs your hotel list may change just before your arrival)
    • Hotel vouchers to show to the hotel reception upon arrival
    • Garda Lake ferry-boat voucher: show this voucher to the ticket office in Riva del Garda to get your passage by ferry-boat to Peschiera or Desenzano del Garda
    • Ice cream voucher: you can enjoy a free ice cream in one of Vicenza's most famous ice cream parlours




  • By your side


    Staff support

    In the Final Tour Details you will find the contact phone numbers you can call during the tour in case of emergency. 

  • 15 Client reviews
    • Laurie

      Departure 20-27 August 2023

      Online from 01 September 2023

    • Eamonn

      Departure 24-31 May 2023

      Online from 14 June 2023

      This was a real adventure for us. We were drawn by the glowing cliffs of the Dolomites and the grandeur of Lake Garda but in many ways it was passing through the waving wheatfields edged with blood red poppies and the low curves of the Eugean Hills that was Our favourite. We'd take more time in Verona and Padua if it was possible in the future, and look more carefully at the location of hotels, but a marvellous trip that left us wanting to immediately head off on another trip!
    • Isaak

      Departure 16-23 May 2023

      Online from 28 May 2023

      Excellent trip, wish it were in every country!
    • Emma Louise

      Departure 30 July - 06 August 2022

      Online from 12 August 2022

      This was a five star holiday from beginning to end. We found it easy to get to Bolzano, the app was easy to use, the bikes great, the route amazing, we discovered so many little places on the way down to Venice - this has to be the way to travel (but probably not in August - next time May or September).
    • Luca

      Departure 15-22 August 2020

      Online from 05 September 2020

      Vario e completo, dalle montagne al mare. Tappe già un po' sostenute (per noi), ma città d'arte notevoli e natura piacevolissima. Proprio da pedalare.
    • Rachel

      Departure 05-12 October 2019

      Online from 20 October 2019

      A wonderful holiday with many happy memories.
    • James

      Departure 08-15 September 2019

      Online from 28 September 2019

      We had a wonderful time and appreciated all the tips you provided. The discount booklet was a nice touch - it led us to various places we may not have gone to.

      We needed to end the trip in Venice and it was very challenging finding the bike path from Maestre. We lost the arrows and asked people for the best way to the bike path on the bridge. We ended up crossing a very busy highway. Your directions to Venice could have been better.
    • Erlend

      Departure 07-14 September 2019

      Online from 27 September 2019

      We had a wonderful trip and many thanks to GiroLibero for doing a great job!
    • Ray

      Departure 01-08 September 2019

      Online from 13 September 2019

      Great family trip
    • Sabine

      Departure 01-08 September 2019

      Online from 13 September 2019

    • Prue & Rachel, Australia

      Departure 2017

      Online from 09 October 2017

      Thank you for another wonderful trip, Bolzano to Venice this time. This was a beautiful trip and Rachel and I really appreciated the many direction signs along the way, detailed map, excellent accomodation and friendly and helpful bag delivery service. Your organisation is impressive!
      Attached is a photo to submit from Riva del Garda.
      We look forward to coming back for another trip some day!
    • Alda

      Departure 08-15 July 2017

      Online from 22 August 2017

      Molto piacevole, bei paesaggi e tante opportunità culturali.
    • Oddmund, Norway

      Departure 2017

      Online from 31 March 2017

      A few weeks back in Norway, we still think of (and speak of) our tour from Bolzano to Venezia, and of the pleasant visit to your offices.

      We enjoyed it thoroughly, both the cycling and the visit, and will naturally look upon Girolibero as our preferred supplier for our next tours.

      As we mentioned in Vicenza, all was fine with our tour, the roadbook and the other guides were very precise and helpful and the hotels were nice and easy to find. The meals were OK, but since most of the stops were in attractive and great cities, we would have preferred to have some of the dinners in restaurants outside the hotel and also to have more time to explore the cities. As we mentioned, an opportunity to stop over an extra night in one or more of the cities would have been welcomed by us.

      All in all, we are very satifed. Say hello and thank you from us to all of your colleagues.

      On behalf of the Norwegian team
    • U., Deutschland

      Departure 2016

      Online from 07 November 2016

      Etwas spät, aber ich möchte nicht versäumen Ihnen eine Rückmeldung über unsere Radtour "Etschradweg bis Venedig" zu geben.
      Begeistert waren wir von dem 1.Teil unserer Tour. Wunderschöne Landschaft, immer bergab und sehr gut zu befahren. Wobei uns auch der 2. Teil gefallen hat.
      Die schönen kleinen Ortschaften durch Wein- und Obstplantagen, sehr schön. Leider oft auf der Straße ohne Fahrradwege. Alles war sehr gut ausgeschildert, wir hatten selten Mühe, den Weg zu finden. Über die " grünen Pfeile " waren wir immer sehr erfreut.
      Die Unterkünfte waren gut ausgesucht. Nur in Meran wären wir gerne mehr im Centrum gewesen.
      Von Verona nach Vicenza wären wir gerne durch die Berge über Arcugnano geradelt. Leider war die Strecke dann doch etws zu lang. Vielleicht hätten wir eine Übernachtung mehr einlegen sollen. Venedig war toll aber viel zu voll!!
      Im Rückblick würden wir diese Tour gerne noch einmal radeln, nur etwas später im Jahr. Vielleicht Ende September, da ist es weniger heiß.
      Ihnen vielen Dank für die gute Ausarbeitung. Wir haben und werden girolibero weiter empfehlen.

      Liebe Grüße aus dem kühlen Norden
    • Martina

      Departure 13-20 August 2016

      Online from 10 September 2016

      Nuova, interessante e da rifare

Tour details


from 850 €

8 Days / 7 Nights, Cat. B

Tour type

Self-guided tour


Departure dates

SA, SU 30.03 - 12.10.2024
TU, WE 30.04 - 4.09.2024
Special departure dates for at least 6 people.



Season 1 | 30.03 - 19.04 and 28.09 - 12.10.2024
Season 2 | 20.04 - 10.05 and 7.09 - 27.09.2024
Season 3 | 11.05 - 6.09.2024


Price per person

Season 1 | 30.03 - 19.04 and 28.09 - 12.10.2024

Cat. A | mainly 4* hotels, with some 3* hotels

990 € in double room
1,390 € in single room
790 € 3rd person in triple room

Cat. B | mainly 3* hotels

850 € in double room

1,190 € in single room

660 € 3rd person in triple room




  • 7 nights hotel accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • App including maps, roadbook, points of interest and GPS tracks
  • Digital tour information
  • Luggage transportation
  • 4-hour ferry cruise on Lake Garda (bike included)
  • Ice-cream in the best ice cream parlour in Vicenza
  • Hotline service


Not included

  • Local taxes (approx. 15-20 €)
  • Venice Municipality Access Fee: it is expected to enter into force on January 1st, 2024 (approx. 3-10€/day, to be paid on site)
  • Everything not mentioned in the section “Included”


Supplements per person

130 € season 2 | Cat. A+B | 20.04 - 10.05 and 7.09 - 27.09.2024
180 € season 3 | Cat. A+B | 11.05 - 6.09.2024

Girolibero rental bikes
including insurance against theft and damage

110 € Touring bike

160 € Hybrid bike

270 € E-bike

15 € Helmet | head circumferences 58-61 cm

Extra nights
in double / single room with breakfast

on request in Bolzano and Venice island | Cat. A+B
80 / 130 € in Mestre | Cat. A
60 / 100 € in Mestre | Cat. B


Price and availability on request:

Extra night in the middle of the tour only for departures on Saturdays

90 € transfer Mestre-Bolzano (min. 2 persons)
30 € supplement own bike

Available on Saturday and Sunday
Also possible on Tuesday only from 7.05 to 10.09.2024

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