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In brief

Floating hotels

Ave Maria, Vita Pugna, Caprice and L’Estello are four river cruise ships, owned by Girolibero. All with comfortable cabins, dining room, outdoor deck: we like to call them floating-hotels. On board guests will find a captain and the crew, ready to prepare meals, tidy up cabins, and line up bicycles on deck.

Ave Maria and Vita Pugna navigate in Italy between Mantua and Venice, while Caprice and l’Estello in Provence and Camargue, France.

To know

Navigation in Italy

Ave Maria and Vita Pugna have been specifically designed to sail along uncrowded waterways parallel to the Po river, not on the Po itself.

Dry spells happen more and more often in large rivers (Po, Rhine, Danube…). However, since 2011 we have never had a day’s stop due to drought: the “Fissero-Tartaro-Canalbianco” canal that runs parallel to the Po River is regulated by a system of 6+3 locks, which guarantees a constant level of water, thus enabling navigation all year round, all the time.

Navigation in France

The barges Caprice and L’Estello sails near the mouth of the Rhône River, where there are no water problems. Since the beginning of our operations, we have never had a day’s stop due to drought. Sometimes during winter time (when there are no scheduled trips), there could be some flooding issues.


Bike and barge in Italy

The only itinerary in Italy that combines easy cycling with overnight stays aboard a riverboat.

Our Ave Maria and Vita Pugna boats navigate along the waterways of the north: from the Mantova Lakes and Mincio River they glide slowly on the Fissero-Tartaro-Canalbianco-Po di Levante waterway to the Venetian Lagoon.

From April to October, these boats offer an itinerary with bike stages from Mantua to Venice (and vice versa). In the winter months they are available to private groups for tailor-made programs.

Bike and barge in France

Nearly 8,000 km of waterways link villages, castles and beautiful towns in a landscape that invites slow travel by boat, but also by bike, thanks to the many bike paths that flank rivers and canals.
The perfect way to combine the two experiences is a bike and barge trip: you sleep in the cabin of a riverboat at night, and in the morning you disembark with your bike for a day on the pedals. On board, you’ll meet the captain, crew and other passengers, fellow travelers with whom to share the journey.

Tailor-made programs

Reserve this barge exclusively for a group. Please be aware that chartering a ship is contingent on availability, and we highly recommend booking in advance.

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