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Cyclists' paradise

Holland is the perfect destination for a cycling holiday. The network of bike paths is extensive: more than 37,000 kilometers of safe and well-marked routes allow easy cycling between the cities and the countryside. You can see the magnificent polder landscapes, tulip fields, farms, cheese factories and interesting historic villages. Not to mention Holland’s more than 1,000 traditional windmills and the historic city centers of Amsterdam, Delft, The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht.

To discover

The enviable bicycle network

The Netherlands has invested heavily (and continues to do so!) in the national bicycle network. With a population of 17 million people and 23 million bicycles, the country already has more bicycles than inhabitants. But continuous improvements keep making the bike network even better, attracting even more cyclists to the roads. In short, the Netherlands is a bit of a dream for cyclists: to ride safely, surrounded by beautiful scenery and supported by cyclist-friendly infrastructure.

The "low lands" stolen from water

René Descartes said, “God created the world, but the Dutch created Holland.” How? By constructing over the centuries so-called “polders,” the low-lying lands conquered from water, obtained by artificially draining the sea and marshes. Almost a quarter of the country’s land area consists of polders, around which canals, dams and mills have been developed. Riding a bike, you notice this fascinating lowland even more: have you ever ridden on a bike path that is 20 feet below sea level?

The Keukenhof garden and the tulips

It is the most famous garden in Holland and the largest park in the world dedicated to flowering bulbs. It’s only 30 km from Amsterdam, but when you get there you feel like you are in heaven! A good 32 hectares dedicated exclusively to a single category of plants, with nearly 7 million tulips (as well as daffodils, hyacinths and other varieties of flowers) that bloom in spring, showing off their magnificent colors to visitors. It is a must-see landscape, perfect for unforgettable photos.


Bike and barge in the Netherlands (9 tours)

This beautiful part of Europe is perfect for a holiday along rivers, canals and coastal routes, with cycling by day and overnight stays in a floating hotel that follows cyclists stage by stage. The cabin will be yours for the whole week, and breakfasts and dinners are served on board, where you’ll be welcomed by the captain and crew. You can also enjoy leisure time on the boat in the salon or on the sun deck, and if one day you don’t feel like cycling, you can relax on the boat all day!

Tulips in Holland (1 tour)

In spring, Holland is tinged with a thousand colors and it is magical!

Cycle through landscapes carpeted with flowers, visit the huge Keukenhof park (open just two months a year) and enjoy the heady scent of the blooms. You will also have time to visit a few cities, including Haarlem and Leiden.

Set off with us on this unmissable spring trip!

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Tulips in bloom and King's Day

If you want to admire a festive country in bloom, remember that every year in April, the Netherlands celebrates King’s Day, the birthday of their ruler Willem-Alexander. Music, street parties, markets and other events involve citizens and tourists alike, in a blaze of orange, the nation’s symbolic color. What about the tulips? Needless to say, they are everywhere! Between late March and mid-May, the sublime bloom of these beautiful flowers will make your trip even more beautiful!

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